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IP Ranges

Extremely simple.

  • fddd:5050::/64


We use 5050net. as the root domain, but it can only be resolved and used within the network.

PowerDNS is selected as the Root NS server, while PowerDNS-Admin is selected as the UI for management.


Unfortunately, there are ONLY ONE Root NS server currently. ☹️

PowerDNS-Admin of Root Server: https://console.dns.5050net/


Authoritative server

🌐 Location🧑‍💻 OwnerIP
Root ServerShanghai, CN@SerinaNya10.50.0.41 / fddd:5050::1:41 / cranberry.nameservers.5050net


5050net provides CA services and can issue certificates through ACME, which is powered by smallstep/step-ca.

Root CA

To download root certificate, please refer to: 5050net-root-ca.crt


ACME Directory: